Vietnamese plant quarantine agency permitted to supervise lychee exports

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According to VOV News, this move will see the Plant Protection Department send quarantine officers to localities such as Bac Giang and Hai Duong in order to examine and supervise phytosanitary measures for lychees which are destined for the Japanese market.

This comes after the Plant Protection Department inspected and examined two lychee processing facilities for export to the Far East country. In addition to the approved processing establishments in Bac Giang, two additional facilities in Hai Duong will also come under their jurisdiction later this year.

At present all facilities are ready to fumigate and sterilise batches of lychees for export to the Japanese market, while lychee planting areas and packaging facilities are poised to export lychees to various markets globally.

Moving forward, the Plant Protection Department will continue to contact businesses to co-ordinate alongside localities to register growing area codes for export.

As part of efforts to meet the stringent requirements for exporting lychees to Japan, the Bac Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has co-ordinated with various districts to expand lychee growing areas for export to the Japanese market. This includes 30 growing area codes which have an expected harvest date between May 20 and July 10.

To facilitate the export of fresh lychee to the Japanese market during this year, the Department has also proposed that the Plant Protection Department arrange experts to supervise lychee growing areas, the fumigation and sterilization process, along with other phytosanitary measures in Bac Giang province throughout the harvest period./.


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