Southern hub’s price index rises 0.06% in November

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On November 29, Ho Chi Minh city Statistical Office announced the city's consumer price index (CPI) in November 2020 was up 0.06% month on month.

This index contributed to pushing the city’s CPI rise in the 11 months to 2.94%, according to the Office.

Among 11 groups of products and services in the CPI basket, five groups saw their prices decrease in the month, including beverage and tobacco (down 0.03%); housing, power, fuel and building materials (0.03%); transport (0.39%); post and telecommunications (0.38%); and garment, hat and footwear (0.001%).

The group of equipment and home appliances had the highest price increase of 0.54%, followed by culture, entertainment and tourism (0.27%), restaurant and catering services (0.22%), and other products and services (0.07%).

Meanwhile, the prices of medicine and healthcare services and education remained stable.

The gold price in November rose 0.57%, while the price of the US dollar slipped 0.09% from the previous month./.


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