Hanoi promotes development of skilled human resources

Illustrative photo (Source: tuyengiao.vn)

According to the plan, the City People's Committee carries out 6 groups of tasks and solutions to implement the above directive, thereby promoting the development of skilled human resources, ensuring the quantity, quality, and balance of occupational structure in accordance with national and international standards.

Along with that, the city will give vocational education orientation, improving the quality of human resources, focusing on the development of human resources with occupational skills associated with the development of science and technology; and linking vocational training with the needs of businesses and the labor market in order to basically and better meet the needs of human resources through vocational training, improve competitiveness and labor productivity.

Under the plan, the City People's Committee also sets out specific targets. In particular, the city will develop the network of vocational training institutions, satisfying the human resource needs for socio-economic development of the city; and striving to have 4 high quality colleges by 2025.

The city will also strive to increase the number of labourers receiving vocational training by about 5% a year, raising the rate of trained labourers to 75-80% by 2025./.


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