Russian lecturer continues love for President Ho Chi Minh

She is a daughter of late Honorary Chairman of the Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association Evgeny Pavlovich Glazunov (1930-2019), who had a lifelong love for Vietnam and authored many books on President Ho Chi Minh, inheriting his love for Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

Svetlana, who is a Vietnamese language lecturer at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, loves to be called Hang - her Vietnamese name.

Ms. (Photo: VOV)

Ms. Svetlana Glazunova (Photo: VOV)

She used to join her father on his working trips to Vietnam when she was a little girl. She decided to study Vietnamese language as the love for the land and people of Vietnam in her heart continued growing over time.

Hang recently completed the Russian translation of the book ‘Hoat Dong Cua Nguyen Ai Quoc O Lien Xo (Nguyen Ai Quoc’s activities in the Soviet Union). This is the second book about Uncle Ho that Hang has contributed to the translation, after the first one entitled ‘Bac Ho viet Di chuc’ (Uncle Ho writes his testament), the Nhan Dan newspaper said.

According to Hang, translating Uncle Ho's testament required a lot of time and utmost cautiousness because Uncle’s writing style was very specifically with wise use of words. Translating books about Uncle Ho also provided Hang with an opportunity to learn more stories of the beloved Vietnamese leader.

Her father’s stories and memories of President Ho Chi Minh are still kept alive in Hang's mind. During his lifetime, Evgeny Pavlovich Glazunov often told his daughter about his memories from when he met and worked with Uncle Ho. Hang’s love for the land and people of Vietnam as well as her admiration for the Vietnamese leader have been conveyed to her students through her classes.

In addition to translating books, Hang has also worked as an interpreter at events on Uncle Ho and the Vietnam – Russia relationship. With a Hanoian accent, the Russian woman passionately stated that she loves to meet in person with historical witnesses and friends, and together recall stories about President Ho.

Stories of President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam have been well integrated into Hang’s lectures during her classes. She said she has rejoiced to see that young Russians today have developed more interest in the land and people of Vietnam and show admiration to President Ho Chi Minh, a great revolutionist, a patriot, and a respected leader of Vietnamese people. Vietnam’s images have been brought closer to the Russian people, particularly students./.


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