Minister of Home Affairs: General elections constitute a comprehensive success
Photo for illustration (Source: PANO)

Photo for illustration (Source: PANO)

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) late on May 23 after the elections were completed, Tra said this political event really became a festival of the entire people.

Tra, who is also a member of the National Election Council (NEC), emphasised that security, order and safety were guaranteed for the elections.

According to the minister, the high turnout rate of voters nationwide, even in COVID-19 pandemic-hit areas, showed the people’s faith in the regime, the Party and the State in building a socialist rule-of-law state.

Tra said in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, localities and relevant units have made all efforts to disseminate information about the elections and mobilise voters to participate in the event.

The entire political system has focused on leading, directing and organising the elections, along with the positive response, consensus and unity of the people, she noted.

Local election organising agencies created the most favourable conditions for people to exercise their citizenship rights and obligations, thus promoting democracy, she said.

For voters, they still well performed their citizen rights and duty even in the context of extremely complex developments of the pandemic, Tra added.

Preliminary reports show that 95.65 percent of voters nationwide went to the polls by 17:30 on May 23 to elect deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 term.

More than 69 million people across the country voted to elect 500 deputies to the 15th NA among 866 candidates.

Meanwhile, 3,726 deputies were expected to be selected among 6,199 candidates to provincial-level People’s Councils, 22,952 deputies to district-level People’s Councils among 37,468 candidates, and 242,312 deputies to communal-level People’s Councils among 405,244 candidates./.


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