Promoting coordination among border guard forces of Vietnam, China, Laos
(Photo: VNA)

Border guard forces of three countries at the event (Photo: VNA)

The event was attended by representatives from the A Pa Chai border guard post of Vietnam’s northwestern province of Dien Bien, the Jiangcheng border management company of China’s Yunnan province, and the border guard unit at Yot Ou district of Laos’ Phongsaly province.

In the recent past, the countries’ border defence forces have conducted regular and unscheduled joint patrols to examine the borderlines, border markers, and cross-border trails. They agreed to increase sharing information about the crime situation in border areas so as to help strengthen the fight against trans-national crimes and improve border management.

At the meeting, the forces launched a joint border management programme that will last through May 28, during which they will carry out activities to safeguard security and order in their respective countries’ border areas and support one another in guaranteeing security and order on important occasions.

They also looked into the coordination in preventing illegal border crossings, receiving and returning citizens, and exchanging information about pandemic prevention and control.

Dien Bien province shares more than 455km of borderlines with China and Laos./.


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