Public security forces ensure absolute security for Party Congresses

At the meeting (Photo: VGP)

So said Major General To An Xo, Head of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security and a standing member of the Sub-committee for Security and Order for the Party Congresses at all levels and the 13th National Party Congress, during the 2nd meeting of the sub-committee on February 19th

Addressing the meeting, Deputy Ministers of Public Security Luong Tam Quang and Nguyen Duy Ngoc asked public security forces to promptly uncover and cope with terrorism plots, sabotage and disorderly activities; protest wrong and hostile arguments; strictly punish dissemination of untrue information on the Internet; regularly organize campaigns to attack criminals, especially those using high technologies and organized criminals; and increase inspection of migration, residence, weapons and explosives.

Praising the programs and plans in ensuring security for the Congresses, Deputy Minister of Public Security Bui Van Nam stressed that ensuring absolute security for the Congresses is a key task in 2020-2021, noting that agencies should develop practice in complex situations, in order to avoid passiveness. 

He also urged the agencies to work with related committees to check the selection of personnel for the Congresses so that no inadequate persons joined the Congresses./.


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