Newspaper trusted to provide information of diverse National Party Congresses

Head of the PCC Commission on Popularization and Education Vo Van Thuong presents second-class Labour Order to CPV Online Newspaper. (Photo: CPV)

In operation since 2000, CPV Online Newspaper is the voice of the CPV, Vietnamese State and people on the Internet; a multimedia press agency; a center for exploiting and integrating information from the websites of the PCC, the Office of the PCC, provinces and cities, as well as provincial and city Party Committees; and a portal for communications between the Party and the people.

In his speech, Editor-in-chief Tran Doan Tien said that the newspaper had overcome diverse challenges to confirm its position and role in the Vietnamese press system.

“With 7 publications: the Vietnamese, English, Chinese and French language editions, the archives system, the President Ho Chi Minh page and CPV television, the newspaper posts some 200 pieces of news and articles reflecting comprehensive political, cultural and socio-economic situation of the country,” said Mr. Tien, adding that the newspaper had developed exclusive parts which help increase the efficiency of the struggle against wrong and hostile arguments, and protect the Party ideology.

“Besides good dissemination of information, the newspaper has successfully organized a wide range of social programs,” he went on to say.

He noted that the newspaper is accelerating new technologies to produce higher quality news and articles and become a more modern newspaper.

Addressing the ceremony, Le Manh Hung, Deputy Head of the PCC Commission on Popularization and Education, praised the comprehensive achievements that CPV Online News has gained over the past 20 years.

“The newspaper has always received trust from the PCC Commission on Popularization and Education in operating the websites of the previous National Party Congresses and the upcoming 13th National Party Congresses. Most recently, on the occasion of the Party’s 90th anniversary, the newspaper excellently fulfilled the task of organizing the contest on the history of the Party,” he said./.


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