Overseas Vietnamese in Germany celebrate Uncle Ho's birthday
President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: NDO)

President Ho Chi Minh (Photo: NDO)

 At the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Nguyen Minh Vu and the officials and party members from the representative agencies respectfully offered incense to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh - the great leader of the Vietnamese nation and an outstanding soldier of the international workers' and communist movement - as well as respectfully express infinite gratitude for his lifelong sacrifices and dedication to the cause of national liberation and reunification.

Speaking at the event, the ambassador emphasized that President Ho Chi Minh devoted his whole life to the cause of Vietnamese national liberation, as well as the oppressed peoples in the world.

He is a shining example of revolutionary heroism, solidarity and revolutionary morality, the diplomat said.

The ambassador called on all staff from the representative agencies to continue to promote and closely combine studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, and to well implement the foreign policy, actively contributing to consolidating and promoting the traditional friendship and cooperation in all aspects between Vietnam and Germany.

2021 is also the 64th anniversary of Uncle Ho's official visit to the German Democratic Republic. During his visit from July 25 to August 1, 1957, he visited many cities, companies and cultural-scientific organizations to learn more about the socialist structure, as well as development problems of the German Democratic Republic.

At all places he visited, he was warmly welcomed by his German friends, and the visit became symbolic of the friendship between the two peoples of Germany and Vietnam.

Uncle Ho's memorial site in the town of Moritzburg, near Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony in eastern Germany, is the place to commemorate Uncle Ho's visit to 350 Vietnamese students who were sent to East Germany to study in 1957./.


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