Citizen protection in Israel is top priority of Vietnam
Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Do Minh Hung (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in Israel)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Do Minh Hung (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in Israel)

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Do Minh Hung affirmed above during a recent interview with Vietnam New Agency correspondent. 

The fighting between the Israeli army and Palestine’s Hamas has been intense for the past 10 days.

The latest information indicates that at least 213 people in Palestine and 12 in Israel have been killed.

In Israeli cities, many agencies, organizations, and schools had to close. In places near the border with Gaza, fighting broke out, leaving the streets quiet; people dare not go out for fear of the risk of being hit by bullets.

Ambassador Do Minh Hung said that the Vietnamese community living, studying and working in Israel includes about 400 students who are practicing and working under the agricultural trainee program, a few of whom are studying masters and doctorates, as well as laborers and a community of about 500 Vietnamese people who have settled and lived in Israel for a long time.

Tensions over security and escalating conflicts in recent days have directly affected security, safety, life, study, work and activities of the Vietnamese community in Israel.

Out of about 400 students who are agricultural trainees in Israel, about 40 are working and studying at the Sderot Agricultural Center, very close to Gaza.

According to the embassy, this group is facing the highest risk in recent days, so the embassy has paid special attention and kept in regular contact, almost every day, every hour, to capture information and guide safe measures and encourage them to try to unite and firmly overcome difficulties.

Accessing the above students is facing many difficulties because the local government is applying emergency measures, restricting travel, limiting large gatherings of more than 10 people in areas around Gaza.

Ambassador Do Minh Hung affirmed that the embassy is particularly interested in community work and in ensuring safety and security for the Vietnamese community in Israel.

The Vietnamese Embassy has made a request to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs during an online meeting on May 12 about a plan to protect the security and safety of the Vietnamese community in Israel, especially for students.

The embassy has sent a common announcement to the community, guiding safety and security measures; requesting the Vietnamese people to fully and seriously implement safety and security measures to protect themselves and the surrounding community.

The situation will still be complicated and unpredictable, the ambassador called on the Vietnamese community in Israel to remain calm, promote the qualities of solidarity and resilience of Vietnamese people in difficult circumstances, and maintain regular contact with the embassy.

He suggested that Vietnamese people immediately contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel in the case of an emergency situation./.


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