Documentary film spotlights President Ho Chi Minh with Party Congresses

A scence in the film

According to the studio, together with the two documentaries “Viet Nam Thoi dai Ho Chi Minh - Bien nien su truyen hinh” (Vietnam in the Ho Chi Minh Era - A Television History) and “Nhiem ky Dai hoi XII: Doi moi - Phat trien” (the 12th Party Congress: Innovation - Development) that are being broadcast, Nhan Dan Documentary and Cinema Studio have produced six documentary episodes of the "Uncle Ho with the Party Congresses" with a running time of 30 minutes each, reported Nhan Dan Online.

The film aims to contribute to clarifying the meaning, ideology, style and methods of Uncle Ho, from the inaugural National Party Congress on the establishment of the CPV to each Congress and each term of the Party Congress that the great leader directly commanded.

The film leads viewers back to the historical moment on February 3, 1930, when leader Nguyen Ai Quoc (later Ho Chi Minh), on behalf of the Communist International, convened and chaired a conference to establish the CPV. The conference adopted a range of documents and regulations regarding the Party establishment and operation drafted by him.

Uncle Ho (second from left) meets with delegates to the second National Party Congress in 1951. (Photo provided by the studio)

From 1930, when the CPV was born, to 1976, (apart from the Party Establishment Conference on February 3, 1930), the CPV with different names hosted three congresses. Since returning to Vietnam to direct the revolution movement in 1941 until his death in 1969, President Ho Chi Minh presided over two National Party Congresses (the second Congress in 1951 and third Congress in 1960). They are of historical significance, imprinted with marks of President Ho Chi Minh, in which he shaped a clear standard style of organising the preparation and hosting of the events in a scientific, democratic and creative manner.

President Ho Chi Minh also attended and directed the lower Party Congresses at a number of sectors and localities, which were also of special significance to the Vietnamese Party and revolution, leaving valuable lessons learned in organising and operating the congresses through his thoughts, styles and instructions that have been passed to these days and considered precious heritages, especially in the context that the Party cells at all levels have conducted their correlative Party congresses to progress to the ongoing 13th National Party Congress.

The documentary series is made with precious historical documents by a team of skilled filmmakers and experienced collaborators and experts.

Currently, the six documentary episodes are being featured at the ongoing National Party Congress while also being introduced at various events and exhibitions on the occasion as well as on many television channels across the country./.


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