Editor-in-chief of Russian newspaper confident of Vietnamese socialist orientation
Boris Komotsky, editor-in-chief of Russian newspaper

Boris Komotsky, editor-in-chief of Russian newspaper "The Truth" (Pravda) (Photo: VOV)

The outstanding achievements recorded in socio-economic development and the country’s rising reputation internationally serve as the best evidence of the correctness and effectiveness of the path chosen by President Ho Chi Minh. That is the creative application of Marxism-Leninism mixed with the Vietnamese revolutionary practice.

The nation’s successes are therefore greatly admired and appreciated by many foreign experts and scholars, including those from Russia, with many believing in the strategic directions that continue to be adopted at the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

With regard to the issue, VOV would like to mention opinions provided by Komotsky, in his role as editor-in-chief of "The Truth" (Pravda), in addition to his position as a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia.

In terms of Vietnamese achievements in socio-economic development after approximately 35 years of carrying out reform policies under the leadership of the CPV, Komotsky believes that the nation is one of the fastest growing countries, not only in Southeast Asia, but globally, with annual growth between 5% and 7%.

In the 1970s the nation was among the 25 poorest countries in the world, according to the UN, although by the mid-1990s the country quickly moved into the group of leading countries globally in terms of economic growth, successfully retaining its place for a quarter of a century.

The CPV has every reason to believe that the Doi Moi (Renwal) policy has served to have a vital role in this success. Indeed, the "Doi Moi" process was adopted by the sixth Party Congress 35 years ago and has since proven itself to be correct, he said.

Last year saw the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic challenge the social order of most countries globally. However, the nation successfully overcame this challenge, recording only 35 fatalities among a population of approximately 100 million people.

In documents that will be discussed by the Party and people during the 13th National Party Congress, it can be seen that although the Vietnamese economy has achieved remarkable successes, it is still lagging behind many ASEAN member states. As a means of dealing with this problem, the CPV has been devised with the task of developing the national economy based on modern science and new technology.

Emphasising the country’s socialist orientations, including the leading role of the CPV, Komotsky said the CPV’s guidelines represents progress without changing in the socialist orientations of the Party. Over the past five years, the Party's task has been to enhance its role and prestige. In order to do this moving forward, the CPV must focus on Party rectification, in addition to ensuring social justice, particularly with regard to State orientations towards strengthening legal foundations.

Discussing the interests of foreign policies for the purpose of international integration under the leadership of the CPV, the Russian expert believes that the foreign policies of the CPV Central Committee and other relevant agencies have been flexible in both bilateral and multilateral relations.

Through responsible and thoughtful foreign policies, the country has made an important contribution to boosting international integration, whilst simultaneously maintaining peace and stability in the region, along with protecting sovereignty.

The high international reputation of the nation can be seen through its election in 2020 as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the Chair of ASEAN, with the country successfully assuming these roles , he stated.

Komotsky outlined his belief that the CPV will successfully meet the goals set out by the Party Central Committee in its documents submitted to the 13th Congress, in which the nation is poised to become a modern industrial developed country by 2025.

This will not only solidify the Vietnamese state and the local economy, but also lead to the growth of the working class, thereby strengthening the social base of the CPV.

Due to these factors, "The Truth" (Pravda) newspaper of Lenin is highly confident in the victory of the CPV, along with the successes in its 13th Congress, he added./.


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