Cuba conveys congratulatory message to 13th National Party Congress

The 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (Source:

“We have complete confidence that the documents and resolutions adopted by the congress will help further consolidate the building of socialism in Vietnam,” the PCC Central Committee said in its congratulatory message.

Imbued with the teachings of President Fidel Castro, the PCC Central Committee recognises and highly values the CPV’s sound and wise leadership, with wisdom and persistence, in leading the heroic Vietnamese people to withstand the greatest of hardship and challenges and move forward on the path to victory.

The two countries will this year celebrate the 55th anniversary of the historic meeting between General Raul Castro Ruz and President Ho Chi Minh, it said, adding that the friendly meeting strengthened the special bond between the two Parties and States and this has been passed down through the generations.

It also extended its sincere thanks to the CPV for its consistent support for Cuba, particularly in the country’s struggle against embargoes, and for its commitment to further deepen the exemplary brotherhood and cooperation between the two Parties and States./.


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