Building Da Nang City into major socio-economic centers of Southeast Asia

The information was announced during a press conference by the City People’s Committee on March 29.

Accordingly, Da Nang will play a role as a hub for start-ups, innovation, tourism, commerce, finance, logistics, high-tech industries, information technology, and supporting industries. It is also one of the culture-sports, education-training, high-quality healthcare, science-technology, development centers of the country; the center for regional and international events. The planning includes the entire administrative boundary of Da Nang City with a total area of about 129,000 hectares, with a population scale of about 1.79 million by 2030, and about 2.56 million by 2045.

Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, Chairman of the Board of Members of Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG), the unit chosen by Da Nang City to advise the formulation of a project to build Da Nang into a regional financial center, said that the world’s capital will flock to Vietnam if Da Nang successfully implements the policy of building a regional financial center.

According to Mr. Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, Da Nang is not only a worthy place to live, but also a city with an expanded vision such as building a financial center, an airport city, and a non-tariff area.

At the press conference, Mr. Ho Ky Minh, Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People's Committee, said the city had signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with sponsors to establish the project to build the Da Nang Financial Center. “We are focusing on building a project to make Da Nang a financial center in the near future,” he said./.


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