234 Party members in Ben Tre receive Party badge
Presenting Party badges to Party members in Ben Tre (Source: CPV)

Presenting Party badges to Party members in Ben Tre (Source: CPV)

Only one cadre will receive the 75-year Party badge. The rest will receive 30, 40, 50, 55, 65 and 70-year Party badges. 

On November 5, the Standing Board of Ben Tre City Party Committee held a ceremony to award the Party badges to Party members.

Speaking at the ceremony, Secretary of Ben Tre City Party Committee Nguyen Van Tuan said that receiving the Party badge is not only an honor for the Party members, but also the honor of the entire City Party. This is an opportunity to educate the Party's glorious traditions, enhance the responsibility of cadres and party members, and remind each of us, especially the young generation, to strive to improve professional capabilities and practical activities. 

“I hope that the comrades who receive the Party badge will always be a solid support of will, thought, and a shining example in all aspects for the younger generations to follow. Wherever you are, with any position or return to normal life, you will be worthy of being a typical party member to continue contributing your experience, wisdom and strength to the implementation of guidelines and resolutions of the  City Party Committee and grassroots party committees,” said Mr. Tuan. 

The Secretary also suggested that grassroots Party Committees where comrades receive the Party Badge be more concerned with their health, life and activities, creating conditions for the elderly members and their families to live happily, healthily, and continue to contribute to the implementation of local political tasks .

The awarding of the Party Badge not only recognizes the contributions of the Party members to the revolutionary cause of the Party, but also contributes to motivate and encourage the members to continue to strive their best to make more contributions./.


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