15th NA election: The third consultative conference to be completed before April 19

Participants at the event. (Photo: VNA)

The report of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee on introducing candidates to be elected as 15th NA deputies showed that by March 17, the VFF had received dossiers of 205 nominated candidates, and preparations for the election are going according to schedule and in compliance with regulations.

Locally, all localities have completed the introduction of candidates of agencies, organizations and units to nominate for the NA based on the first adjustment of the NA Standing Committee. There are 879 candidacy dossiers for a total of 297 elected delegates, equivalent to 2.95 times compared with the number of locally-elected deputies (excluding the number of self-nominated candidates).

Thus, the country saw 1,084 candidates nominated to run to be 15th NA deputies, including 205 delegates introduced by the Party Central Committee, equivalent to 2.17 candidates out of 1 elected deputy. Some localities saw the number of nominated candidates higher than the number of elected deputies for the 15th NA, such as Quang Ninh (4 times), Thai Nguyen (3.1 times) and Tuyen Quang (2.5 times).

The number of nominated NA deputy candidates nationwide stood at 1,161, which is 2.3 times the number of deputies to be elected to the 15th NA.

As of March 17, the country has 77 self-nominated candidates to be 15th NA deputies in 24 provinces and cities. Some localities with a high number of self-nominated candidates are Hanoi (30) and Ho Chi Minh City (16).

The Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee held the first consultative conference on February 4, and the third one will be completed before 5pm April 19./.


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