13th National Party Congress opens

Delegates vote to approve the working program of the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: CPV)

Guests at the congress included former Party and State leaders, ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic delegations of foreign countries and chief representatives of international organizations in Hanoi, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, and outstanding youths and intellectuals and representatives from religious organizations.

The congress opens with the motto “Unity – Democracy – Discipline – Creativeness – Development”.

The 13th National Party Congress focuses on reviewing the implementation of the resolution of the 12th National Party Congress in association with assessing the 35-year renewal cause, 30 years implementing the 1991 Platform, 10 years implementing the 2011 Platform (amended) and the 2011-2020 socio-economic development strategy. The Congress will also define the socio-economic development orientations and tasks for 2021 - 2025, as well as the goals and orientations for 2030 and the national development vision to 2045 while reviewing Party building work and the leadership of the Party Central Committee term XII, and elect a new Party Central Committee for term XIII.

The congress defines a further vision to the middle of the 21st century, striving to turn our country into a socialist-oriented developed country, setting specific goals and tasks to be completed for each journey; clearly showing inheritance and development, continuity and completion in the process of building socialism in our country. The specific targets for the important development milestones of our country include making the country be a developing country with modern industry and surpassing the middle-low income level by 2025 when the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of the southern liberation and national reunification; be a developing country with modern industry and high middle income by 2030 when the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Party founding; and a developed country with high income by 2045 when the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

According to the approved working program, after the opening ceremony, the congress will listen to a report by the 12th Party Central Committee on its leadership. In the afternoon, delegates will work in groups.

Earlier, the congress held a preparatory session on January 25, during which the congress adopted its working regulations, elected a 17-member Presidium, a five-member secretarial delegation and the delegate eligibility verification board./.


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