13th National Party Congress expected by Vietnamese people in Czech Republic
Photo for illustration (Source: VTV)

Photo for illustration (Source: VTV)

According to Vietnam News Agency, President of the Union of Vietnamese People Associations in Europe and Honorary Chairman of the Vietnamese People Association in the Czech Republic Hoang Dinh Thang voiced his belief in the success of the 13th National Party Congress, scheduled to take place in Hanoi from January 25 to February 2.

According to him, the Party and State have made thorough content and personnel preparations for the congress, including collecting opinions from people both at home and abroad about the draft documents to be submitted to the event.

Most of overseas Vietnamese are well aware that the Party and State have successfully carried out the resolutions issued at the 12th National Party Congress in early 2016, gaining significant achievements in developing the economy and promoting Vietnam’s stature in the international arena, he noted.

The year 2020 was full of difficulties for the whole world, but Vietnam became a bright spot when it secured the concurrent successes of curbing the pandemic and sustaining economic growth. The country also succeeded in performing important international duties, boosting international economic integration, and enhancing external relations in both bilateral and multilateral aspects.

Those accomplishments are a source of pride for Vietnam and also show the unanimity of the entire political system and the whole people, both at home and abroad, in national development, Thang said.

He voiced his hope that via this time’s congress, the Party and State will continue paying attention to the overseas Vietnamese community by issuing concrete policies that help them be more connected with the homeland and better integrate into host societies.

Vietnamese people in Europe also expect Vietnam’s relations with European countries will be further strengthened to reach a new height, and they will serve as an important bridge in this process, he added.

Nguyen Van Son, Secretary of the Part cell at the SAPA Trade Centre and Director of the Prague Centre of Vietnamese Language, also showed his pride in recent national development achievements and believed in the Party’s leadership and the success of the coming National Party Congress.

He said overseas Party members like him are delighted with the Party and State’s drastic actions in the corruption fight as well as thorough personnel preparations for the congress.

With 20-year efforts to maintain the teaching and learning of Vietnamese language at the Prague centre, Son appreciated Party and State leaders’ support for this work, adding that he hopes the Vietnamese Embassy in the Czech Republic will coordinate with agencies in the homeland to help maintain the language teaching and learning in the European nation.

Vietnamese people form one of the largest foreigners’ communities in the Czech Republic and was also recognised as an ethnic group there./.


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