13th National Party Congress highlighted in Lao media

Hanoi decorated to welcome the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: NDO)

People newspaper, the organ of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, on January 20 ran an article entitled “CPV’s 13th Congress selects moral and talented people”, stressing that throughout the past 90 years, CPV had always identified that cadre building was not only an important factor in Party building but also an important link in the operation of the Party, determining the success of the Vietnamese revolution.

Personnel preparation for the 13th Congress receives special attention from the CPV as the congress will select moral and talented people who deserve to join the new-term Party Central Committee (PCC), Politburo and Secretariat. 

The article quoted Vietnamese Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong at the 15th PCC meeting (term XII) as saying that the PCC had discussed in a democratic, unbiased and responsible manner to adopt the personnel list for the 13th congress with high consensus.

According to the article, thorough personnel preparation will contribute to the success of the CPV’s 13th Congress, creating more trust, strength and a new atmosphere, and bringing the country into a new period of development. 

In another article, the Laos News Agency assessed that the CPV’s 13th Congress is a great political event of the Vietnamese Party, State and people, being an important milestone in the development process of the Vietnamese Party and people.

The article assessed that with thorough, careful, democratic and unbiased preparation, the new-term PCC will be really united, pure and strong, unanimous in will and action, consistent with the target of national independence and socialism, with strategic vision, innovation and creative thought./.


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