Southern province pulls poverty rate to 2.67%

Remote villages’ infrastructure in Soc Trang is well invested (Photo:

The family of 60 year old Khmer ethnic minority member Son Nho in Long Phu town, Long Phu district, without cultivation land, has become an example of escaping poverty by raising frogs and cows using loans from the national program on sustainable poverty reduction.

By effectively implementing sustainable poverty reduction programs and policies, especially the expansion of effective economic development models, the number of poor families in the district has been reduced to 2.83%, or 797 families.

Enjoying the programs and policies, diverse poor families in Thanh Tri district have escaped poverty by raising cows or hiring cultivation land, contributing to reducing the poverty rate in the province to 3.81% as of late 2020, from 18.18% in 2015.

Soc Trang has a population of nearly 1.2 million people, with up to 30.18% being Khmer ethnic minority people.

Superior Buddhist monk Ly Duc in Som Rong Pagoda in Soc Trang City, a 14th National Assembly deputy, said that with the care from the Party and State, over the past time, there has been remarkable improvement in the lives of Khmer people in the Mekong River Delta region in general and in Soc Trang in particular. “By having access to preferential loans, poor Khmer families have succeeded in running effective economic development models, bringing high profits and escaping poverty sustainably,” he said.

Additionally, the implementation of the program on building new-style rural areas has made positive changes in villages. The power, road, educational and medical infrastructure has continuously been improved, creating favourable conditions for people’s daily life, trade exchanges, education and healthcare services, thus increasing people’s material and spiritual lives.

According to Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Lam Van Man, people’s awareness in escaping poverty has been remarkably increased. “Apart from the State support, people have been creative and industrious in carrying out economic development models,” he said. “The positive changes, together with poverty reduction policies will help the province gain more success in sustainable poverty reduction in the years to come.”


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