Vietnam to raise rate of trained workers to 40 percent by 2030

Workers at a garment factory (Photo: VNA)

Overall, the programme aims to provide a strong premise for comprehensively developing the labour market; effectively mobilising, distributing, and utilising resources to boost socio-economic growth; shift to a modernised labour structure; and promote links between the domestic labour market and those of the region and the world.

Its objectives are to increase the number of workers with labour market-relevant skills and raise the number of trained workers to 30 percent by 2025 and 30-45 percent by 2030.

Under the programme, Vietnam expects to be among the top 60 countries in the Knowledge Workers sub-pillar of the Global Innovation Index (GII) by 2025 and among the top 55 by 2030. The country also sets having 80 percent of its workforce possess IT skills by 2025 and 90 percent by 2030, while reducing the rate of young adults unemployed or untrained to below 8 percent.

To this end, the country plans to improve the relevant legal framework to bolster the development of the labour market; support the development of labour supply and demand, a labour market database, social welfare and insurance, and a specialised labour market; and promote links between the domestic and foreign labour markets.

According to Vietnam News Agency, it will also develop a set of indicators measuring the development of the labour market compared with the regional and global markets, and evaluate the labour gap between regions./.


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