Boosting exports to the US post-COVID-19 pandemic

Delegates exchange about cooperative prospects between Vietnam and the US. (Photo:

At the seminar, delegates said that the US is tending to shift imports of goods from traditional supplying countries to other emerging countries, including Vietnam. This is the achievement from efforts to promote open, dynamic and substantive cooperation of the governments and business communities of the two countries. 

The US boasts potential for Vietnamese businesses to tap, especially when the country is well controlling the COVID-19 pandemic while other countries are struggling to cope with the pandemic outbreak.

Delegates said that grasping the chance to innovate and improve production and business capacity to effectively tap the US market will be a “golden opportunity” for Vietnam’s economy to thrive in the near future.

Experts said that businesses must comply with the provisions of the US Food and Drug Administration as they export to the US market.

In the first quarter of 2021, the US became Vietnam’s largest export market for the first time over the past 26 years, with export turnover of 22.2 billion USD./.



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