Vietnam, India see positive growth in trade turnover

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According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, Vietnam – India bilateral trade turnover saw positive growth in the first quarter of 2021, reaching 3.3 billion USD, a year-on-year rise of 34.1%. Of this, exports were valued at 1.71 billion USD, up 22.2% and import turnover reached 1.58 billion USD, up 50%.

Some sectors enjoyed export turnover rise such as tea (639.8%), fossil coal (256.5%), raw plastic materials (195%), iron and steel of all kinds (186%), and handicraft and fine arts (103.5%).

Export industries with large turnovers recorded positive growth, including mobile phones and components, up 16%; computers, electronic products and components, up 14.2%; and normal metal and products, up 37% year on year

Meanwhile, imports in March 2021 also increased sharply, reaching 677 million USD, a year-on-year increase of 65.3%.

Notably, import of animal feed and raw materials and maize saw a sudden growth in the first quarter with 247.85 million USD of value, a 10 fold-increase year on year.

Other items with sharp import turnover growth include fertilizer 288%, normal metal 143%, cotton of all kinds 128% and fruit and vegetable 92%.

If the growth momentum is maintained, bilateral trade between the two countries will reach more than 13 billion USD this year./.


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