China is largest export market of Vietnamese mangoes

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According to MARD, mangoes are one of the main tropical fruits grown in Vietnam, after bananas. Vietnam is the 13th largest mango producer with a total planted area of more than 87,000 hectares nationwide. In 2020, Vietnam's total mango production reached 893,200 tons, a year-on-year rise of 6.5%. Mango is most grown in the Mekong Delta, accounting for about 48% of the country’s total mango area.

In 2020, Vietnam earned 180.8 million USD from mango export, a year-on-year reduction of 9% due to the COVID-19 pandemic blocking the flow of goods globally.

Of this, China is the largest export market with 151.8 million USD, accounting for 83.95% of country’s total export turnover, down 4.18% against 2019. Russia ranked second ranked with 8.4 million USD, accounting for 4.65% and Papua New Guinea market ranked third with 5.5 million USD, accounting for 3.03%. They are followed by the US, the Republic of Korea, EU, Japan, and Hong Kong (China).

Director of the Department of Processing and Market Development Nguyen Quoc Toan said that mango is one of the most powerful crops for export in Vietnam. Aiming to increase the amount of exports to large markets, it is required that mango producers have to consider developing a value chain of products from production - purchasing - preliminary processing - packaging - preserving - exporting enterprises, ensuring requirements of market regulations.

The ministry will create a connection and exchange channel between producers, cooperatives, and enterprises participating in the development of the mango value chain with international trade agencies and businesses in Vietnam to research and develop export markets./.


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