Vietnam’s month as UN Security Council President appreciated

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dang Hoang Giang (Photo:

According to Deputy Minister Giang, Vietnam’s success was reflected in three aspects.

The first is the coordination and administration of the work as Chairman of the UN Security Council. In April 2021, Vietnam ran a sizable workload with nearly 30 ambassador-level meetings and dozens of working-level meetings to discuss a wide range of issues on all continents, from Africa and the Middle East to Europe and Asia. It also proposed 10 documents, including 4 resolutions, which were approved with the consensus of the countries.

The second is Vietnam's contributions to the discussed issues and the work of the UN Security Council. With a very constructive viewpoint and stance, based on the UN Charter and international law, Vietnam clearly stated its stance and point of view on issues discussed at the UN Security Council to promote dialogue, increase trust, trying to resolve conflicts and problems happening in all parts of the world.

The third is the proposals and initiatives that Vietnam was interested in promoting in the month. With the approach of joining hands to prevent and resolve conflicts, it launched 3 high-level discussions on conflict prevention, conflict resolution and conflict consequences handling. The sessions were held successfully, receiving the attention of countries with a very high level participation, and passed important documents to promote the contents.

To achieve these successes, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Giang, Vietnam made careful preparation, from the working agenda to the strict consultation from UN Security Council member countries and UN member countries.

The second reason is the support of the UN Security Council member countries for Vietnam. This support shows that the countries attach special importance to the position and role of Vietnam in recent years. The proposals and initiatives we made with valid arguments were strongly supported by countries.

The third reason is that Vietnam’s initiatives and activities in the month were closely cared for by the Party and State leaders. State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc directly presided over the meeting of the UN Security Council, while Minister of Foreign Affairs and leaders of ministries, branches and localities actively participated in all key activities in the month’s activities.

Another key point is the unanimous participation of relevant ministries. Before the month, on March 27, 2021, the Ministry of National Defense deployed Level-2 Field Hospital No.3 to duties at the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan. “This also proves that in addition to our contributions as the President of the UN Security Council or our contributions by showing our stance and point of view, we also contribute by specific actions,” said Deputy Minister Giang.

He added that from now until the end of 2021, as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Vietnam will continue to work together with other countries to find solutions to maintain international peace environment and security./.


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