Two Vietnamese security experts honoured at Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020
Two Vietnamese security experts (Photo:

The contest aims to detect security vulnerabilities in smart devices so that manufacturers can immediately fix them, thus helping to keep client information safe.

At this year’s contest, which was held virtually, the two Viettel experts were able to hijack SmartTV through the default browser on Samsung and Sony TVs.

Previously, Do Quang Thanh, born in 1996, was named in the 2018 list of top security researchers by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Ngo Anh Huy, born in 1989, a network security expert who has detected more than 40 security vulnerabilities on the platforms of leading technology firms such as Google, Oracle, and Foxit.

Organized annually by the prestigious TrendMicro cyber security software company since 2007, Pwn2Own is one of the world's largest cyber-attack competitions.

It typically focuses on devices like mobile phones, televisions, smart speakers, and wireless routers – physical devices that can make it problematic to go completely digital./.


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