Tens of thousands of rural labourers to be provided with jobs

Dong Anh District's rural labourers given training (Photo: HNMO)

Accordingly, the City People’s Committee aims to complete policies on developing rural industries, including vocational training, passing of industries, trade promotion, building of infrastructure and production sites.

The city also aims to support 10 trade villages in developing trademarks and registering for collective trademark ownership, and assessing environmental impact; carry out 5 - 10 rural industries development projects in the city; and in particular, striving to create 10,000-15,000 more jobs for rural workers.

To realize the objectives, together with building mechanisms and implementing policies, the City People's Committee will promote the application of science and technology into production, manage production technologies, restrict the use of old and outdated technologies that cause environmental pollution; and introduce and disseminate environmentally friendly production technologies, as well as wastewater and waste and exhaust treatment technologies suitable for trade villages and rural industries in the city.

It will also provide pedagogical skills and teaching skills for artisans in the rural profession; disseminate policies to encourage the development of rural industries for owners of production establishments and labourers to help them have access to supportive resources and policies; accelerate trade production; assist businesses and rural industries to join domestic and foreign fairs for promoting their products and expand consumption markets; and look towards combining trade village development with tourism and experiencing education./.


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