Strive to have 5 universities in world the top 500 for world in mathematics by 2030

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The program sets the common goal of continuing to develop Vietnamese Mathematics sustainably and strongly in all aspects: research, application and training, corresponding with the intellectual potential of Vietnamese people, to meet the demand of the country in the fourth industrial revolution; to make Mathematics an organic part of the general development of science, technology and socio-economy; improve the position of Vietnamese Mathematics in the region and in the world.

Specifically, by 2030, strive to have 5 higher education institutions ranked in the top 500 of the world in the field of mathematics, of which at least 2 institutions are ranked in the top 400; Strive to double the number of publications in the list of prestigious journals in the world (SCIE magazine) compared to the period 2010-2020, and; Double the number of foreign scientists (including Vietnamese working abroad) working, exchanging and cooperating with science supported from the Program compared to the 2010-2020 period.
To achieve the above objectives, the solution of the Program is to promote communication and dissemination of knowledge of Mathematics; promoting the publication of high-quality math works; promoting applied research in Mathematics, focusing on developing a number of fields with high demand in the fourth industrial revolution.
Along with that, supporting the implementation of the general education program in Mathematics; supporting talent training and improving the quality of human resources in Mathematics; building and developing the scientific knowledge system of Mathematics in the digitized Vietnamese Knowledge System; building, consolidating and developing the Advanced Research Institute of Mathematics and a number of strong mathematics research and application centers in Vietnam; and promoting international cooperation in research, application and training in Mathematics./.


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