Hanoi makes plan to ensure traffic safety during Tet holiday and 13th National Party Congress
Photo for illustration (Source: VNA)

Photo for illustration (Source: VNA)

Accordingly, Hanoi’s Police would support Hanoi’s Steering Committee 197 in carrying out plans to ensure traffic safety and public order in the city, while realizing the action program of the city’s police in keeping traffic safety and public order during the New Year Eve 2021 and Lunar New year Festival.

Traffic inspectors would cooperate with local authorities in preventing the act of putting garbage on the street or public places.

The municipal Department of Transportation would be responsible to ensure traffic safety and address complaints from the people regarding public transportation activities and cases violating traffic safety.

The Department is responsible for checking and repairing transport infrastructure to avoid risks of traffic accidents; maintaining the traffic safety system to support smooth transportation.

The Department of Transportation will continue to cooperate with the city’s police and people’s committees at district- and ward-levels in enhancing efficiency in traffic management and resolve traffic’s black spots.

In addition, during the festive period, local authorities would stay stand by to timely address issues related to traffic safety and prevent traffic accident and congestion in the city.

The Department of Industry and Trade would cooperate with related agencies in organizing flower and Tet markets to support the needs of the locals./.


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