Signing emulation movement of 200 days to welcome Party Congresses at all levels
Delegates at the event (Photo:

Accordingly, the targets of the emulation program is that the whole District 1 has 100% of wards meeting the criteria "Not litter into roads and canals"; at least two wards meeting the criteria of "Clean, green and friendly ward, commune and town" before September 23rd.

The program promoted communication and mobilization of grassroots trade unions, trade union members and people to participate in movements and campaigns on environmental protection launched by localities.

In addition, it also launched a set of electronic communications products about environmental protection, mobilize to plant, protect and develop green areas; and encouraging various forms of increasing green areas in indoor spaces, in yards, on eaves and on outdoor walls and on vertical surfaces in high-rise buildings of households, offices and production, business and service establishments in order to increase 90 green areas throughout the district on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the National Day (September 2nd). 

The program also set a target of efficiently maintaining municipal -level urban civilized roads, model urban routes and 2 channels of Nhieu Loc - Thi Nghe and Tau Hu - Ben Nghe.

Moreover, a supervisory group in a residential area will be also established to supervise the state management of construction order in the district with the goal of reducing the construction violation rate.

The signing program aims to raise awareness, sense of responsibility and promote the positive creative role of officials, civil servants, trade union members, and people in District 1 in implementation and completion of the registered emulation works to welcome the District Party Congress and the 11th City Party Congress.

On this occasion, the program presented 100 gifts, each worth 1.2 million VND to workers responsible for sanitation and urban order of District 1./.


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