President Ho Chi Minh with the working class

The exhibition, which is being held by the Vietnam National Museum of History and the Vietnam National Confederation of Labour, will run until August 2020.

The exhibits are arranged in three sections, including the formation and development of the working class and Vietnam Trade Union; President Ho Chi Minh's attention to the working class and Vietnam Trade Union, and; The working class and Vietnamese Trade Union followed Uncle Ho's words.

Cutting ribbon to open the exhibition

Visitors to the exhibition 

The artifact group shows the solidarity of the working class against oppression, exploitation and enslavement.

A picture of President Ho Chi Minh’s visit to the Thong Nhat Match Factory on August 16th, 1956.

Uncle Ho visited officials and workers of Tien Bo Printing Factory, Hanoi, on May 13th, 1959.

Uncle Ho visited officials and workers of Hai Duong Porcelain Factory, on June 27th, 1962.

The images and artifacts of 19 outstanding collectives and individuals representing excellent examples from all over the country were honored at a program.


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