New Vietnamese leaders appraised on Middle East and African media

The Egyptian press reports on the new Vietnamese senior leadership. (Photo: VOV)

The newspapers confirmed that the Vietnamese leaders were elected with a very high number of votes in favour.

During the past term as Prime Minister, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc played an important role in the ratification of major trade agreements such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement. He was also the ASEAN President in 2020. Under his leadership of the Government over the past 5 years, Vietnam's economy developed well; GDP increased by 1.4 times compared to 2015, while Vietnam's global competitiveness index increased 10 places to 67th out of 141 countries.

In 2020, Vietnam continued to achieve economic growth of 2.91% and was the only country with positive growth rates among the six major economies of ASEAN. With a total GDP of more than USD340 billion, Vietnam ranks 4th among ASEAN countries and 37th in the world. Foreign exchange reserves hit a record of nearly USD100 billion. Total import-export trade exchange turnover was estimated at USD152.7 billion, up 24.1%. Trade surplus exceeded USD2 billion.

With the election of a new Government, Vietnam will continue to join the international community in promoting peace and responding to challenges through its role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the term of 2020- 2021. Vietnam is also working to contribute to peace building in Africa by sending delegations to join the UN peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Vietnam's relations with other countries in the world will be strongly strengthened./.


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