National Assembly candidates meet voters in Hoa Binh
Overview the meeting (Photo:

Overview the meeting (Photo:

To ensure safety in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held virtually with more than 700 voters from 26 locations in the three districts of Lac Thuy, Kim Boi, Cao Phong.

At the meeting, voters listened to brief biographies of the candidates and their plans of action.

On behalf of the candidates, Politburo member Mai pledged that, if selected, she would work hard alongside the delegation of Hoa Binh’s NA deputies to continue renovating and improving their operational efficiency towards promoting democracy and truly and fully reflecting the aspirations of the people.

With all their abilities, enthusiasm and responsibilities, the elected candidates will strive to deserve the voters’ trust, she affirmed.

Local voters expressed their hope that after being elected, the NA deputies will pay attention to the issues of infrastructure planning and development, urban management, natural resources, and the environment, as well as working to tap into local potential for socio-economic development, improve the quality of education, training and medical services, and preserve and promote the cultural values of ethnic minority communities.

The candidates are also expected to uphold the sense of responsibility and fairly reflect the opinions of voters to the National Assembly, contributing to bringing the will and aspirations of localities to the agencies, departments, the legislature and the Government.

Earlier on May 8, Politburo member Mai held a meeting with voters in Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province.


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