International media highlights Vietnam's National Party Congress and achievements

Military delegates at the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: CPV)

On January 26, on the front page of the Pathetlao Daily Newspaper, the Laos News Agency's printed publication, was an article welcoming the 13th National Party Congress.

It confirmed that the congress is an important political event of the Vietnamese Party, State and people, a milestone of the strong development of the Vietnamese revolution in the new era towards solidarity, democracy, discipline, creativity and development, by continuing to strengthen Party building and rectification and the building of the clean and strong political system; promoting achievements in the country's economic development in close association with the power of the times; continuing to promote the renewal process, building and defending the fatherland, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, and striving to become a country of socialist-oriented development in the middle of the 21st century.

According to the article, under the right leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Communist Party of Vietnam initiated and led the renewal process more than 35 years ago and the implementation of the 12th National Party Congress, making Vietnam gain political stability, social order, continued high economic growth, and increasingly high position and role in the region and the world. In recent years, the Party and Government of Vietnam have made outstanding achievements in socio-economic development in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters, which are highly appreciated by the international community. These achievements once again affirm the wise and correct leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and show the determination and creativity of the Party and State, perseverance, effort, and diligence and the single-hearted unity of the entire Vietnamese people to achieve the national goals of a happy people, a democratic, just and civilized society.

The article confirmed that the Lao Party, State and people will continue to be with the Vietnamese Party, State and people to protect, nurture and promote the great friendly relationship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

In the article "Remarks on external relations of the Communist Party of Vietnam", the author affirms that the Communist Party of Vietnam has expanded its external relations with Parties in different countries. Foreign relations of the Communist Party of Vietnam with political parties in the world have been increasingly expanded and developed, contributing to building relationships between Vietnam and other countries, contributing to solving problems in terms of national security and development.

The article affirms that the position and role of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Vietnamese country have been increasingly enhanced in the international arena. Achievements in implementing the 12th National Party Congress are of great significance, not only creating outstanding marks, but also building trust and a new atmosphere for the entire Party, army and people to overcome difficulties and challenges, taking advantage of opportunities, and bringing the country to a new stage of development.

French press highly appreciates Vietnam's achievements

Le Monde newspaper has published articles and pictures about the 13th National Party Congress taking place in the context of the effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

Many major newspapers in France have also published articles about the 13th National Party Congress, noting outstanding achievements in economic and COVID-19 control.

Public security delegates at the 13th National Party Congress (Photo: CPV)

On January 26, l'Humanité newspaper ran an article on the 13th National Party Congress, referring to it as the most important political event in Vietnam.

Reviewing the situation in the past five years, l'Humanité newspaper said that, under the leadership of the Party and Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong, Vietnam has made many positive changes. Political and economic reforms continued to be accelerated, including promoting economic restructuring and creating conditions for private economic development.

l'Humanité newspaper also highly appreciated Vietnam’s stability over the past years, not only well controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, but also being one of the countries with the highest GDP growth in the world. Vietnam's exports to the US and China in 2020 will also increase sharply, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This result has attracted more foreign investment. The recent achievements are an important basis for Vietnam to achieve its industrialization goal by 2025 and become a high-income country by 2045, on the 100th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh's reading of the Declaration of Independence.

On January 25, the daily Le Monde mentioned Vietnam's achievements, which is an exception in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific in terms of health and economics. While other countries were heavily affected by the pandemic, Vietnam not only controlled the spread of the epidemic but also minimized the COVID-19 mortality rate, and at the same time achieved positive growth in the gloomy global picture. Therefore, the International Monetary Fund forecasts that Vietnam's economy will rank 4th in Southeast Asia, surpassing Singapore and Malaysia.

Le Monde's article quoted the economic magazine Nikkei Asia Review saying that despite the pandemic, Vietnam has demonstrated its ability to quickly recover, thanks to the trade openness policy. Vietnam continues its development momentum, taking advantage of its potential and opportunities to achieve positive growth indicators in 2020.

Le Figaro also mentioned Vietnam's economic prospects, with GDP growth in the past year estimated at 2.9% in the context of a serious global economic recession. Vietnam's anti-epidemic strategy has minimized the damage to health and facilitated production. Currently, Vietnam is emerging as a major technology center in the region and the world./.



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