Institute of Advanced Technology and Innovation to be built in HCMC

Overview of the Saigon Hi-tech Park (Photo:

In the conference, Director of the HCMC Department of Science and Technology Nguyen Viet Dung reported that scientific-technological activities in the city have gradually become the core for socio-economic growth and the knowledge economy establishment. Scientific research has greatly contributed to the industrialization and modernization process of HCMC.

In 2020, 184 scientific research missions, with an expense of over VND287 billion (approx. USD12.4 million), were launched. Of them, 98 were completed and successfully applied into real life.

In 2021, there are 4 major targets to fulfill, consisting of: promoting the growth of an innovative startup ecosystem in HCMC, having a Total Factor Productivity (TFP) contribution of more than 42 percent to the city’s GRDP, investing over 0.7 percent of GRDP on average in science-technology, and spending 2 percent of the total city’s budget on science-technology.

Also, there are 8 key points to focus on this year: Reconstructing scientific research programs; encouraging technological development and innovation citywide; establishing the HCMC Institute of Advanced Technology and Innovation; supporting small- and medium-scale businesses to improve product quality and manufacturing performance; promoting innovative activities and the scientific-technological market; boosting innovation and science-technology application in organizations; propagandizing the trend of innovative startup; performing administrative reform and digital transformation process.

Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong insisted on the importance of the introduction of the HCMC Institute of Advanced Technology and Innovation after careful preparation for both human resources and suitable mechanisms.

This institute is going to be built in Saigon Hi-tech Park. Its aim is to commercialize research results, and form strong links between educational institutes, innovation centers and businesses.

Regarding the first two key points, the Chairman requested that people in charge prioritize sustainable development when carrying out those tasks. This means to categorize businesses according to their field and size so that suitable innovation boosting programs can be applied for the optimal results and the highest-quality products.

Chairman Phong also directed the HCMC Department of Science and Technology to cooperate with the HCMC Department of Health for the building of a regional-scale healthcare center in the city.

Another task assigned to the HCMC Department of Science and Technology is to help Thu Duc City both to form state units related to scientific-technological activities and to create the Eastern highly-interactive innovative urban area./.


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