General To Lam praises public security forces in COVID-19 fight

Public security officers deliver free face masks to people (Photo:

In his letter, the Minister praised officers and soldiers for sparing no efforts in ensuring security and order, engaging in all spheres of life and rolling out COVID-19 prevention and control measures and contact tracing in an endeavour to contain the spread of the pandemic.

They have joined hands with patrol forces to tighten border control, prevent illegal migrants and efficiently carry out tasks in entry-exit and foreigner management, he added.

Lam noted that the forces have partnered with other countries in fighting COVID-19, and presented medical supplies to the public security forces of Laos and Cambodia to help them battle the ravaging pandemic.

The Minister asked the public security forces to take the initiative in safeguarding national security, and social order and safety, as well as participating in COVID-19 prevention and control, and illegal migration prevention./.


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