COVID-19 vaccination carried out well

Medical staff given priority in the vaccination plan (Photo: MOH)

Deputy Minister Tran Van Thuan said that the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the largest COVID-19 treatment unit of the country. There are 414 COVID-19 patients who have been cured here, including many serious illnesses and no deaths.

In addition, the hospital has isolated more than 2,500 cases, mainly F1. Therefore, the hospital’s medical staff often has to contact the source of the infection. Therefore, the hospital became the first unit to receive COVID-19 vaccination.

According to Deputy Minister Thuan, the hospital has well carried out the vaccination plans.

As planned, the Ministry of Health is distributing the first batches of AstraZeneca vaccine to 13 provinces and cities with existing COVID-19 patients.

Ms. Rana Flowers, UNICEF Chief Representative, said that UNICEF supported Vietnam to have a source of quality vaccines and negotiated for Vietnam to buy them with the most reasonable price. In particular, UNICEF supported Vietnam to obtain COVID-19 vaccine through the Covax program, ensuring that this year, 20% of Vietnam’s population will be vaccinated. It is expected that in March and April 2021, about 4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Vietnam through the Covax program.

Regarding the quality of vaccines, according to Mr. Kidong Park, WHO Chief Representative in Vietnam, the COVID-19 vaccines are confirmed safe and efficient./.


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