Results of 13th National Party Congress reported to Vietnamese in Australia
The 13th National Party Congress (Photo: VOV)

The 13th National Party Congress (Photo: VOV)

The conference was attended by officials, staff from the Embassy and the Vietnamese Consulates General in Australia, Vietnamese representative agencies next to the Embassy, representatives of the associations of Vietnamese entrepreneurs, intellectuals and students in Australia, and 20 branches of overseas Vietnamese students across Australia.

At the conference, Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Nga, Counselor of the Ambassador, briefed the content and results of the 13th National Party Congress. She said that the 13th National Party Congress summarized the achievements and lessons of the previous term and looked back at 35 years of innovation with many great, powerful, comprehensive and historic development steps.

The congress affirms that Vietnam’s position, prestige and role in the region and in the world is increasingly enhanced. Based on the analysis and forecasts of the world situation, as well as the country's difficulties and challenges in the coming time, the congress sets out the country's vision, general goal and specific goals until 2045, striving to turn Vietnam into a developed country, following the socialist orientation in the middle of this century.

Speaking at the conference, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Nguyen Tat Thanh said that the contents, documents and personnel work of the 13th National Party Congress were carefully, meticulously prepared through many rounds and levels. At the congress, the delegates participated in the discussion in a positive and democratic manner before voting for approval by majority vote.

In terms of the overseas Vietnamese community, the documents of the 13th National Party Congress affirm the interest and viewpoints of the Party and State, identifying specific tasks such as supporting overseas Vietnamese to have firm legal status, developing their economies and life, local social integration; improving the effectiveness of the citizen protection, labour and overseas students management; creating conditions for the overseas Vietnamese to preserve Vietnamese language, national cultural identity, and raise national pride; well providing information on the situation of the country, helping them look towards the homeland, have awareness and act in accordance with the interests of the nation; and adopting policies to attract resources of overseas Vietnamese to actively contribute to the cause of national construction and defense.

To implement the above targets, the Vietnamese Embassy and other diplomatic missions in Australia focus on three main tasks. The first is to focus on deepening the strategic partnership between Vietnam and Australia.

The second task is to make efforts to serve the development of the country, in which political, cultural, economic diplomacy, and work for overseas Vietnamese must all serve development goals.

The third task is to continue to pay more attention to citizen protection in the context of the increasing number of Vietnamese people studying, working, traveling and visiting relatives in Australia, but their lives being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ambassador Nguyen Tat Thanh pledged that the Embassy and Consulates General of Vietnam in Australia are always "a common home" of the Vietnamese community, and a channel to collect ideas of overseas Vietnamese to national construction and development to transfer to responsible levels in Vietnam for consideration and settlement.

Speaking at the conference, representatives of Vietnamese businessmen, intellectuals and students in Australia all expressed their joy and excitement before the success of the 13th National Party Congress, and believed that the new leadership would continue to bring the country to further develop in the coming years.

The delegates also expected the embassy and representative missions of Vietnam to continue to organize practical activities, helping the Vietnamese community in Australia to become more cohesive, strong, and preserving the national cultural identity, always looking towards the homeland./.


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