Following Ho Chi Minh’s example on corruption fight
At the conference (Photo:

At the conference (Photo:

Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao, Senior Expert, and former member of Central Theoretical Council, was a speaker at the conference.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duy Phong, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Service Department for Diplomatic Corps, emphasized that the Party's Resolutions from many congresses during the innovation period often emphasized that corruption has become a national catastrophe. It is very worrying because it challenges the existence of the regime and the life of the Party, it is associated with the deterioration of political ideology, morality, and lifestyle of a part of cadres and Party members.

Aware of this issue, from many congresses, especially the 12th National Party Congress, the fight against corruption launched by the Party has been set out drastically and thoroughly. Many statements of the Party, through the leader of the Party - General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, emphasized: anti-corruption must mobilize the strength of the entire people, the entire political system and the whole society. And through anti-corruption, the Party's team is screened, the Party's discipline is rectified, leading to the leadership and fighting strength of the Party being maintained.

During his life, Uncle Ho often raised an issue: striving for thrifty emulation, fighting corruption, wastefulness, and bureaucracy. Uncle Ho considered the fight against waste and embezzlement associated with individualism, which is considered as a kind of internal aggression. The fierce anti-corruption effort of the Party and State is to fight against this dangerous internal enemy, which is deep individualism, manifesting in group interests, to benefit individuals or groups, but forget or deliberately forget the common interests of society and the people, said Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao./.


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