President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings last forever

Uncle Ho with Vietnamese youngsters (Documentary photo)

Professor Vassoevich Andrei Leonidovich, Head of the Institute of Oriental Studies at Saint Petersburg University, made this comment when speaking at an online conference between leaders of Ho Chi Minh City and Saint Petersburg on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's 131st birthday.

In his speech titled "President Ho Chi Minh's teachings to the young generation", Professor Leonidovich once again affirmed that Uncle Ho's career and teachings will last forever, being a guideline and a solid foundation for Vietnam's successes on the path of development and international integration.

According to the professor, thanks to President Ho Chi Minh's painstaking efforts to educate his associates to become dedicated fighters for the cause of liberating the Vietnamese nation from the yoke of domination, the seemingly unthinkable has become a reality: Vietnam defeated the US - the most powerful empire in the world at that time. This victory was gained with a decisive factor that the leaders of the state and the young generation of Vietnam were always steadfast in his teachings.

Professor Vassoevich emphasized that the greatness of Uncle Ho, as a political thinker, is that he knew how to go into the future. As a person who sees possible political events in the decades ahead, President Ho Chi Minh relied not only on people who grew up in the course of revolutionary activities and who had long living experience, but also always considered the work associated with the youth and training the young generation as a most important strategic task.

Professor Vassoevich affirmed that according to Uncle Ho's point of view, the young generation, equipped with theory and having high qualifications, plays a very important and necessary role for the future development of the country.

According to Professor Vassoevich, comrade Ho Chi Minh considered the anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany on May 9 important because of the feat of the Soviet Union people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of the Soviet Union, which can become a shining example for Vietnamese youth. President Ho Chi Minh, like Soviet leader Stalin during the Great Patriotic War, devoted all his strength and spirit to leading the struggle for the liberation of South Vietnam.

In conclusion, Professor Vassoevich affirmed that the teachings of President Ho Chi Minh are not only important to Vietnamese youth, but also to the entire generation of young Russian citizens./.


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