PM orders to raise high sense of responsibility for general election
Photo for illustration (Source: VGP)

Photo for illustration (Source: VGP)

In a document sent to ministries, agencies and localities ahead of the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for 2021-2026, the Government leader urged the Ministry of Health to regularly provide updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ministry needs to supplement appropriate plans and solutions to deal with any pandemic incidents during the elections, and establish a working group that will receive and respond to health information from May 18 to the end of the political event.

The Ministry of Information and Communications should work harder to encourage voters to cast their ballots on the day, he said, suggesting the utilisation of both traditional and modern communication methods, with more attention paid to remote, far-flung and ethnic minority-inhabited areas.

Prompt actions are needed to handle distorted online information about the elections, the PM stressed.

Meanwhile, the Ministries of National Defence and Public Security will continue with the task of dealing with acts that aim to harm political security and social order and safety, and sabotage the elections.

He asked localities to draw up detailed plans and scenarios for the elections amidst the complex development of the pandemic, saying more heed should be given to constituencies and polling stations under medical quarantine due to COVID-19.

The PM also ordered plans on natural disaster and fire prevention and control on the election day./.


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