Leader of Russian Communist Party congratulates 13th National Congress of CPV
Photo: baohoabinh.com.vn

Photo: baohoabinh.com.vn

On behalf of the KPRF Central Committee, Ziuganov sent his greetings to delegates, Party members and the entire Vietnamese people on the occasion of the 13th National Party Congress – an important political event in the lives of the Vietnamese Party and State, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

He described the Congress as an important milestone on the way to reform, and to review previous tasks and outline new measures for the future.

According to him, the CPV was a pioneer of the Vietnamese people and an example of sacrifice in the struggle for freedom and future of socialism during years of fighting invading imperialists. Following the teachings of its founder President Ho Chi Minh, the CPV continued raising the fighting flag for socialism, maintaining its leadership role and socialism orientations, showing the world the fairness of Lenin's thought and supremacy of socialism ideology.

Under the CPV's leadership, Vietnam has been steadfast on the path of development with marked successes in industry, agriculture, national defence, science, culture, education, health care and improving people’s lives, turning itself into one of the most vibrant economies with high prestige in the world, Ziuganov wrote.

The Congress will devise strategic goals till 2030 when the CPV will celebrate its 100th founding anniversary, as well as set out socio-economic development orientations till 2045 when Vietnam will mark its 100th anniversary.

Ziuganov affirmed that the KPRF and CPV have shared decades-long fraternal friendship and fight for the common goals and for socialism, adding that the KPRF is willing to cooperate with the CPV.

He wished that the 13th National Congress of the CPV will be a success and issue important policies for happiness of the people and prosperity of the country./.


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