Ho Chi Minh city awards Party Badges to 2,179 Party members

Leaders of Ho Chi Minh city took photo with elderly party members. (Photo: hcmcpv.gov.vn)

Accordingly, in this period, the entire Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has 2,179 Party members who received Party badges.

Specifically, 22 comrades received the 75-year Party badge, 16 comrades received the 70-year Party badge, 32 comrades received the 65-year Party badge, and 110 comrades received the 60-year Party badge.

In addition, the city Party Committee presented 55-year Party badges to 346 comrades, 50-year Party badges to 298 comrades, 45-year Party badges to 234 comrades, 40-year Party badges to 842 comrades and 30-year Party badges to 279 comrades./.


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