15th NA election: Thanh Hoa organizes meeting with over 500,000 voters


Delegates, voters attended the event. (Photo: nhandan.com.vn)

Mr. Luong Cuong, Politburo member, Member of the Standing Board of Central Military Commission, Chairman of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA)’s General Department of Politics, and candidate for the 15th NA, met with voters of Bim Son town and districts of Ha Trung, Nga Son, Hau Loc, Vinh Loc and Thach Thanh, under the 2nd electoral unit of Thanh Hoa province.

Voters of the 2nd electoral unit hoped that the candidates running for seats of the 15th NA will perform their action programs and make important contributions to socio-economic development.

They suggested that candidates should propose ideas to the National Assembly and the Government to pay more attention to marine economic development and continue to have mechanisms to support the construction of new-style rural areas.

On behalf of the candidates, General Luong Cuong respectfully acknowledged the voters’ feelings and expectations while emphasizing that the candidates’ action plans receiving approval of the voters is very important. He pledged to concretize his action program each year, throughout the term, to have solutions which will contribute to the development of the country in general and Thanh Hoa province in particular.

With regard to voters’ proposals and recommendations, General Luong Cuong has asked the Party committees and authorities at all levels in Thanh Hoa to pay attention to settling. He believed that voters and the central province would successfully organize the election, ensuring safety, publicity, democracy and law./.


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