13th National Party Congress: A bridge between Vietnam and African friends

Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Vinh takes part in an online meeting (Photo: VNA)

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency, Vinh said during the Party’s 12th tenure, Algeria and the countries and territories his embassy in responsible for witnessed a number of political, economic, and social uncertainties.

In that context, he noted, the embassy’s Party cell has taken drastic action to fulfill assigned tasks, contributing to the embassy’s success during the past tenure as well as diplomatic achievements of Vietnam.

Apart from promoting mutual visits at all levels between Vietnam and Algeria and Senegal, the embassy has helped organise the 11th meeting of the Vietnam - Algeria joint committee, activities marking the 55th founding anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic ties, and celebrations of Vietnam’s important anniversaries, and call for international support for the homeland.

In terms of economic diplomacy, the embassy has stepped up promoting trade, introducing economic cooperation potential, and connecting Vietnamese businesses with partners in the areas it takes charge of, thus helping foster Vietnam’s trade with the African countries, the ambassador went on.

He added that cultural diplomacy and external information service are also among highlights of the embassy’s activities as seen through its coordination with an Algerian filmmaking company to produce a film about Vietnam, the hosting of many photo exhibitions, support for activities of Vietnam’s traditional martial arts federations, and invitation of local press agencies to report on Vietnam on the occasion of the homeland’s big anniversaries.

The diplomat also underlined the opening of Vietnamese language classes for descendants of the expatriates in Algeria and members of Vietnam’s traditional martial arts federations there who love the Southeast Asian nation.

Besides sending of several Vietnamese students to the homeland for an annual summer camp for the overseas youth, in 2020, facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the embassy worked with relevant agencies of Vietnam and host countries to assist Vietnamese citizens and arrange the repatriation for many of them.

Ambassador Vinh stressed that solidarity, unanimity, proactiveness, creativity, and the resolve to address difficulties are key to his embassy’s fulfillment of the tasks assigned by the Party and State over the past five years.

This is also the basis for the embassy to keep exerting efforts to help successfully carry out the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and perform its role as a bridge linking Vietnam with African friends, as well as Vietnamese in the African countries with the homeland, according to him./.


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