Vietnam exports over 5.3 million tons of rice abroad

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Director of the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Cong Thang said that figures show that Vietnamese rice has seen a positive change in price and added value with its increasing quality gaining recognition from the world.

The export price of Vietnamese rice has increased by USD20-30 per tonne in November compared to last month.

According to Vietnam News Agency, in spite of taking advantage of high prices, Vietnam’s rice industry needs to closely follow the demand and developments of the world’s rice to adjust properly.

“During the time when Vietnam and other countries are being affected by COVID-19, many Vietnamese agricultural products have suffered declines in terms of the market. However, rice is one of the bright spots, especially when the export price of Vietnamese rice is relatively high in addition to the slight price increases in the domestic market, which are some good signs,” Thang noted.

The reason for the rise in rice prices is the increasing demand for reserves in importing countries due to the complicated development of COVID-19. Meanwhile, rice production of some exporting countries such as Thailand continued decreasing due to the impact of climate change./.


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