Uncle Ho’s hometown determined to boost socio-economic development

The road to Uncle Ho’s father’s village

Over the past 5 years, Kim Lien has gained achievements on the way to build new style rural areas. Notable are the infrastructure; the power, road, school, medical station, irrigation systems and the cultural institutions, creating a new face to the rural areas.

Accordingly, over 34.2 kilometers of alley roads, 2.5 kilometers of field roads and over 38 kilometers of irrigation dykes in residential areas have been built. 

Bumper crop in Kim Lien commune’s fields 

A music lesson at Kim Lien secondary school

In socio-economic development, the commune has directed the development of agricultural production, including rice, vegetable and flower production, bringing about positive changes.

Industries and handicrafts have grown well in scale, especially in the production of aluminum and glass furniture, wooden furniture, civil carpentry, clothing, and vermicelli and cake production.

Services, trade and tourism have developed rapidly and the service quality has become better and better. Some products in the area serving the people and tourists have initially been formed and effective such as products from lotus and melon. New types of tourism have also been developed, including experiential tourism, homestay or photography.

Lotus is preserved and processed into products in Kim Lien commune

Cultural and social life in Kim Lien commune has seen many positive changes. In particular, the quality of education has been given due attention and achieved encouraging results.

Over the past term, Kim Lien commune has set a common orientation of preserving and promoting local traditional cultural values such as cultural relics, revolutionary history, traditional festivals, and folk songs.

The Kim Lien special national historical relic attracts a lot of domestic and foreign arrivals.

Melon production helps farmers earn high income.

A corner of Sen village, Kim Lien commune, the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh


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