Hanoi spends nearly VND40 trillion on Tet 2021 preparation

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The plan aims to enhance the implementation of solutions of managing and balancing supply and demand, and stabilizing the market of essential goods, in association with the campaign of Vietnamese people giving priority to using Vietnamese goods.

According to the department, the total value of goods for Tet 2021 is estimated at VND39.4 trillion, an increase of about 5% compared to last Tet.

At the end of 2020 and during the Tet holiday 2021, commercial business activities will be busy and shopping demand will increase by 3-20% in each commodity group.

Specifically, food demand for three months before, during and after Tet will include about 292,500 tons of rice, 56,700 tons of pork, 18,900 tons of chicken, 18,459 tons of beef, 369 millions eggs, 315,000 tons of vegetable, 15,570 tons of seafood, 18,114 tons of processed food and 156,000 tons of fruits.

The department also asked domestic enterprises to be ready to prepare enough supply sources for commodity groups with increasing demand on the holiday, such as dried agricultural products, up 25-30%; petrol and oil, up 20%; and flowers and ornamental plants, up 25-30%

Additionally, in order to bring Tet goods to people in suburban districts, mountainous communes and industrial zones during the upcoming Tet, the organ will organize 12 fairs and 300 mobile stores to serve workers.

Retail businesses will sell Tet goods at 28 shopping malls, 142 supermarkets, 455 markets, as well as via 11,382 websites, e-commerce floors and thousands of convenience stores./.


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