Exports of Vietnamese peppers and cashew nuts to Canada rise sharply

 Processing cashew nuts for export

Despite the Netherlands moving to reduce its pepper imports from most major supply sources, Vietnam's market share of peppers as part of total imports to the European country increased from 48.2% during the first seven months of last year to 55.8% this year, according to data released by the European Statistics Agency (Eurostat).

Simultaneously, the Netherlands’ imports from Brazil recorded a plunge of 41% in volume and 41.4% in value, with the South American country’s market share as part of the Netherlands’ total imports suffering a drop from 26.4% last year to 18.3% this year.

With regard to cashew products, the Netherlands imported 27,000 tonnes of cashew nuts worth USD191.63 million from Vietnam during the seven-month period, representing a rise of 53.9% in volume and 29.4% in value from the same period last year, according to the International Trade Commission.

Furthermore, Vietnamese market share of cashew nuts as part of the Netherlands’ total imports of the product increased sharply from 68.1% during the first seven months of last year to 77.9% this year.

Moreover, the Netherlands’s imports of cashew nuts from India in the reviewed period fell sharply by 31.8% in volume and 38.6% in value, with India’s market share in the European country’s total imports dropping from 18.1% last year to a figure of 9.2% this year./.




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